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Outreach: Mission

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The Division is pleased to establish a companion website at
that will highlight the outreach activities of our members. The new site will be linked to the exisiting Division website at

Over the past two years the Outreach Committee has learned of the exciting and remarkably varied ways members of Division 39 have expanded the impact of psychoanalysis and its ideas. Initiated by Jaine Darwin and currently sponsored by David Ramirez, the Division leadership and Board are determined to make the wider community more aware of our accomplishments.

The Outreach Website's main feature is an online database of specialized services based within a psychoanalytic framework, including education, consultation efforts, clinical treatment for underserved groups, pro bono work, and other applications that move psychoanalysis beyond the consulting room and into the community. When completed, the website will bring psychoanalytically oriented resources to the public, to other professionals, and to our own members who may wish to network or join ongoing projects.

Please help us by taking a moment to visit this site and adding your valuable information to our database.

Even if you were part of the initial information gathering sessions months ago, we request that you visit the website and contribute again to be certain that our data is complete, accurate and current. We apologize for this additional demand on your time and appreciate your participation. In the future we will contact all who are included in the database each year in order to up-date our records.

In addition, we are exploring publication of an overview of the outreach activities engaged in by psychoanalysts. If you are willing to have your project(s) included in this way please indicate so on your contribution form. All participants will be kept informed of the progress of this idea in the future.

To contribute follow these simple and quick steps:

Step 1: Visit (Note: there is little information currently on the site, however you can use the search engine to see how the site will be navigated when complete)

Step 2: Click on the "Contribute To Database" link located at the top of the home page.

Step 3: Fill out the "Contribution Form" page in its entirety. Please complete a new form for each activity you wish to include.

Step 4: Click on the "Submit" button at the end of this form. This is crucial for your information to be transmitted.
As soon as your form is processed by the website, you will receive a confirmation. If you fail to receive this notice, please return to Step 1 and resubmit your information.

Your contribution is important to the continuing advancement of psychoanalysis. When it is added to the website database we will send you a link to your information so that you may verify its accuracy, and make any necessary additions or corrections.

The Division 39 Outreach Committee will appreciate learning of any difficulties you have with the contribution process, the categories, or with navigating the website. Your suggestions and contributions to this effort are welcomed and may be easily incorporated. You may contact Marylou Lionells, Chair of the Outreach Committee or, receive further assistance, from Royce Jalazo, Division 39 Outreach Webmistress.

Best regards,

Marylou Lionells
Chair, Division 39 Outreach Committee
Telephone: 201-837-3796
[email protected]

Royce Jalazo, Psy.D.
Division 39 Outreach Webmistress
[email protected]

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