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2010 Chicago Spring Mtg
Book Reviews
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I. Psychologist-Psychoanalyst Practitioners
II. Childhood and Adolescence
III. Women, Gender, and Psychoanalysis
IV. Local Chapters
V. Psychologist Psychoanalyst Clinicians
VI. Psychoanalytic Research Society
VII. Psychoanalysis and Groups
VIII. Couple and Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis
IX. Psychoanalysis and Social Responsibility

2010 Chicago Spring Mtg

Chicago, Illinois

Apr 21,2010 to Apr 25,2010


Downloadable PDFs:

  • 2010 PDF of Full Conference Book
  • 2010 Chicago CE Information Sheet
  • Call For Participation/Poster Session
  • PreConference Workshops
  • Modified PDF of Program Book

    If you don't have Adobe Acrobat to read PDF, you can download it. Some pdfs are compressed into zip files, which can be opened with winzip or Stuffit Expander

  • Upcoming Spring Meeting
    Chicago: April 21 - 25, 2010

    Wild Analysis:  Then (1910) and Now (2010)

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    Register Online Now

    30th Annual Spring Meeting, APA Division of Psychoanalysis (39)
    April 21-25, 2010
    Renaissance Hotel, Chicago, IL

    Keynote Speakers: Muriel Dimen, PhD
                    Frank Summers, PhD, ABPP

    A century ago, Freud warned of the “dangers for patients and the cause of psychoanalysis resulting from the practice of ‘wild psychoanalysis.’” On the hundreth anniversary of Freud’s paper “On ‘Wild’ Analysis,” this conference revisits the borders of our field. As Adam Phillips recently asked, “What is wild psychoanalysis, and what is wild about psychoanalysis?”

    The 2010 Chicago conference will explore the idea of wildness in our work both as a source of energy and a demarcation of limits. What is too turbulent, unruly, outrageous, or “edgy?” What dangers lie at this frontier, and what untapped opportunities emerge in pushing the limits of technique and relationship? We invite proposals drawing on theoretical considerations, clinical and empirical knowledge, scientific research and technique, and/or the artistic sensibility.

    For the first time, Division 39 is offering an early early bird registration fee at a greatly reduced rate in keeping with the economy.
    Division members who sign up by Januaary 22, 2010 will pay only $250 for the 2010 conference. Non members will pay only $300. This compares with the fee after early bird of $350 and $375, respectively!  Of course, if you join the Division, you will get the benefit of both the lower conference rate and the membership perks.
    Finally, the 2010 conference will feature innovative programming:
    •    Live case presentations with unprepared commentary from tops names in the field representing their particular analytic perspective
    •    Expanded programming by and for graduate students and early career psychologists
    •    Opportunity to read papers online in advance of the conference for particular sessions which will be focused on discussion.

    For further information regarding proposal submission or anything else, please go to the Division’s website at and click on the “Conferences” link.  Alternatively, you may contact the conference co-chairs, Scott D Pytluk, Ph.D. (spytluk[email protected]) and/or Dr. Andrew B. Suth, Ph.D. ([email protected]).

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