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Division of Psychoanalysis (Division 39)
American Psychological Association


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You have probably received an email from Nancy McWilliams, President of
Division 39, explaining how and why the Division has created a special
arrangement for its members to gain cheap access to the PEP Archive at .

This letter is important. Please take a few moments to read it through. It
sets out the terms and conditions on which you will be able to gain access
through the Division's special arrangements and what to do next if you want
to take advantage of this offer. It will have included the user id and password which has been assigned to you.

The special rate the Division has negotiated is conditional on using PEP's
automated systems. These should not be a problem. If you do run into difficulties ordering--or don't have or have not received your user id and password, please contact Ruth Helein at the Division 39 office at [email protected] Do not call or email PEP.

What is the PEP Archive?

The Psychoanalytic Educational Publishing Archive is a searchable electronic
database containing the full text of eighteen premier journals in
psychoanalysis, from their inception up to a "moving wall" of three years
before the current year. It also contains the full text of the Standard
Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud as well as
Freud's complete correspondence with Abraham, Ferenczi, Fliess, Jones, and
Jung. Also included are twenty-three classic psychoanalytic books. More
material is added regularly. Further details can be found at

Please note that you will not be gaining access to material published three
years prior to the year in which you are searching.

What are the conditions of use?

You will be asked to agree to these when you sign up. The three key elements
are that you must comply with the usual copyright laws, must not lend your
access codes, and must utilize the archive only for your personal use. You
may NOT print out or use PEPWEB for a university, hospital, or other
institution, or for work you do for any institution. We need your help here.
In these days of budget cuts, some universities try to circumvent the
purchase of access rights by asking staff to do so individually.

Breach of the conditions of use carries penalties. Use of the system implies
agreement with the conditions. The conditions are set out in full at:

How much does one pay?

The Division has negotiated a special rate for its members of $55 per annum.
This rate is well below half the individual annual subscription and also
exempts Division 39 members from entry fees. Please be aware that if you
already have access to PEP - on CD or via another organization - no refunds
are payable. If you already have access as part of a subscribing group, you
should sign up through Division 39 just before that subscription lapses and
inform the group administrator that you already have a PEP subscription.
Your doing this ensures (1) that you will not have to pay twice and (2) that
your institution's rights to a roster membership fee will not be

How does one sign up?

The Division has registered all its members with PEP. You have been assigned
a secure record on PaDS - the PsychoanalystDatabase - and been given a PEP
Userid and PEP Password, displayed at the top of this letter. To order, go

You will be asked to log on to PEP's secure database with your PEP Userid
and PEP Password. You will see the PaDs hompage and have the option to look
at your address details or make an order. Click on
panyId=2> Order .

You will be presented with the Remote Product Order Form, with text much of
which does NOT apply to you. Please ignore it.

Select PEPWEB (click the white box). You will note that the price is $55.
(If this is not the case, something has gone wrong, and you need to contact
the Division. Do NOT select any other products.) Please then read the
conditions, complete the form (being sure to make your email address
up-to-date), and check the box agreeing to the conditions before proceeding
to the credit card payment page.

Once payment is complete, you will have access to the PEP archive for 12
months. You will need to renew your subscription the same way. To maintain
your Division 39 preferential rate, you must do so before it lapses. (You
will still purchase 12 months from the previous renewal date.)

If at some later stage you forget your password, proceed to the PaDS site
(above), fill in your web user name (Letter CaSe is important), put anything
in the password field, click "Forgotten your password," and follow
instructions. You will get a confirmation that an email has been sent to
your email address (the one used on this letter, unless you have changed it
and registered the change on PaDS).

You are now ready to access PEP-WEB

To access PEP-WEB

1. Connect to the Internet. You can download and save or print our
material (for personal use) to read offline, but to access PEPWEB you must
be logged in and connected.
2. Once you are connected to the Internet, open your browser and go to: . Save the address as a
favorite for later use.
3. Click "Login," which you will see at the top right of your screen,
just to the left of Freud's picture. The Login page will display.
4. In the Login box, put your PEP userid and your unique PEP Password -
the ones you used with PaDs. Please note that both your username and
password are CaseSensitive and need to be typed EXACTLY as they appear.
5. If your computer is set appropriately, you will at this point be
offered the opportunity to have your username and password stored, which
will ease access in future. Do not do this unless you are working at your
own computer. If you lose them, you must go to the PADS database
(Psychoanalystdatabase) to be sent an email. You will find a link on the
PEPWEB Login page.
6. Once you have entered your user name and password and clicked the
Login box, you will know you are logged in because "Login" at the top right
of the screen will have changed to "Logout."
7. You will now be able to search and access all material in the PEP
ARCHIVE. (Please note: the new PEPLiteratureSearch will also search the full
text of recent or current material in journals to which you are not granted
access by an archive subscription. This is offered to inform you of the
latest journal content, but for the moment you will be able to access it
only via a paper copy or online system arranged by the journal in question.
PEP is working with publishers to find a way to give current journal
subscribers access.)
8. You may be interested to know that you can also search PEP, along
with all other Internet content, via Google or Google scholar. This feature
is designed to make psychoanalysis more widely known and available. If you
find a PEP reference via Google, you will be shown the article summary and a
Login box similar to the one described above. If you enter your username and
password at that stage, you will once again get access to full PEPWEB
archive content.
9. Note that the PaDS database remains the underlying system allowing
authentication. Therefore, if you change your email or other address, or if
you wish to change your userid or password to something you find easier to
remember, go to , log in, and make the necessary adjustments. PLEASE BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR EMAIL UP TO DATE ON PADS.

In the event of a problem, note that PEP can deal only with your group
organizer, Henry Seiden (or his designee), who will require you to report
difficulties in a highly standard manner. Keeping things simple will keep
costs down for everyone.

We hope you enjoy PEPWEB!

The PEP Customer Support Team

News posted: Dec 01, 2008

© Division of Psychoanalysis, 1999-2003