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I. Psychologist-Psychoanalyst Practitioners
II. Childhood and Adolescence
III. Women, Gender, and Psychoanalysis
IV. Local Chapters
V. Psychologist Psychoanalyst Clinicians
VI. Psychoanalytic Research Society
VII. Psychoanalysis and Groups
VIII. Couple and Family Therapy and Psychoanalysis
IX. Psychoanalysis and Social Responsibility

Division of Psychoanalysis (Division 39)
American Psychological Association

PsycScans Now Online

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In 2008, this quarterly journal became an all electronic product updated monthly. Each release includes summaries of books and chapters, abstracts from a cluster of psychoanalytic journals, and abstracts on psychoanalytic topics draw from a cluster of index terms related to psychoanalysis. Topics include

* Theory
* Processes
* Interpretation
* Transference
* Countertransference
* Object Relations
* Psychotherapy
* Literature

News posted: Apr 08, 2008

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