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Division of Psychoanalysis (Division 39)
American Psychological Association

Division 39/APA Press Book Prize

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Book Proposal Prize--for a First Book on a Psychoanalytic Subject.

Division 39 and APA Press are delighted to announce the second annual prize for
a first book by a psychoanalytic author. The winner receives a $1000 cash prize, a certificate of recogntion, and guarantee of publication by the APA press.

The aim of this prize is to encourage psychoanalytic writing by Division 39 members who have yet to publish a psychoanalytic book. We look for good writing, originality, as well as clinical and scholarly relevance. While some previously published material may be included, the proposed book should consist primarily of new material and promise to be an original and coherent work. Edited collections of previously published papers are not acceptable, nor are edited volumes of contributions by more than one author. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers will disqualify the entry.
The proposal should consist of:
1) a cover letter with the author's only mention of identifying and
contact information with an appended CV;
2) a written statement of the overall intention, method and relevance of
the project;
3) a table of contents; and
4) one sample chapter.

All submissions must be in quintuplicate. Blind review evaluations are conducted by the Book Proposal Committee, the editor of APA Books, and this year's Honorary Judge, Dr. Donnel Stern.
All submissions for the 2009 award should be submitted by May 1, 2009 to:

Book Prize
Division of Psychoanalysis
2615 Amesbury Road
Winston Salem NC 27103
Questions should be addressed to:
Frank Summers, Ph.D., ABPP
[email protected]
Johanna Tabin, Ph.D., ABPP
[email protected]

News posted: Oct 01, 2008

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