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2009 APA Toronto and 2010 Chicago Spring Mtg
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III. Women, Gender, and Psychoanalysis
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Division of Psychoanalysis (Division 39)
American Psychological Association

New Events and Activities

Program Book, Division 39 @ APA Toronto 2009

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FINAL Call for Papers: Chicago 2010 Spring Meeting Now online in the Conference Area

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Manuscripts for the Journal, Psychoanalytic Psychology may be submitted online. For more information, click here.


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New Article in SPOTLIGHT section of the Publications

The Aims of Division 39
The goal of this site is to give mental health professionals information about the Division of Psychoanalysis, and to allow members of the Division to communicate and collaborate.

Seventy years after G. Stanley Hall, the founder of the American Psychological Association invited Sigmund Freud, Sandor Ferenczi, Carl Jung and Ernest Jones to the Clark University, the Division of Psychoanalysis was established as a structure within the American Psychology Association. In the seventeen subsequent years, the Division of Psychoanalysis has grown to almost 4,000 members and affiliates (students and international affiliates). The Division represents within the broad field of psychology, professionals who identify themselves as having a major commitment to the study, practice and development of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.




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Early Career Professionals

Attention Early Career Professionals and Graduate Students:
The 2010 Division 39 Spring Meeting will be held in Chicago with the theme, “Wild Analysis: Then (1920) and Now (2010).” Exciting new opportunities for early career participants are available.


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From the President




I have just returned from the Division 39 Spring Meeting that took place in San Antonio in late April. The Co-chairs, JoAnn Ponder and Stacey Rubin, and their conference committee expended countless hours to ensure that the conference would be an educational and enlivening experience for all of us. Particularly notable was their desire to give those of us who were not residents of the Southwest the opportunity to partake of the cultures and traditions that make this part of the world so special. The conference title, “Viva Psychoanalysis: Finding Connections from Couch to Culture,” reflected its upbeat focus on the interface between psychoanalysis and the cultural milieu in which we live and work. The presenters applied the principles of psychoanalytic theory to better understand how cultural traditions are handed down from one generation to another and yet are shaped and changed by new learning and experience. The enthusiastic responses from the conference attendees affirmed that the conference achieved its goal of exploring issues of immigration, exposure to trauma and war, and differences of culture and ethnic background from psychoanalytic perspectives.

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SPOTLIGHT Division 39 Publications

Batya R. Monder, MSW, BCD

From the April 2009 issue of Psychoanalytic Psychology (Volume 26, Number 2), I have chosen to spotlight Henry Seiden’s evocative and beautifully written paper, “On the Longing for Home.” I am a fan of Seiden’s poetry column in Psychologist-Psychoanalyst and of his own poetry. The same economy of language that fuels his poems is apparent in this creatively structured article—a “series of narratives in a kind of theme and variations."

Enter the SPOTLIGHT area in the Publications area for the full article.

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You have probably received an email from Nancy McWilliams, President of
Division 39, explaining how and why the Division has created a special
arrangement for its members to gain cheap access to the PEP Archive at

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PEP WEB ReSubscription Reminder
Members who have subscribed to the PEP WEB need to resubscribe at the end of their subscription year. Here's how to renew your subscription:

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APsaA Fellowship Program
The American Psychoanalytic Association founded its Fellowship Program as part of an initiative to provide outstanding early-career psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and academics, the future educators and leaders in their fields, additional knowledge of psychoanalysis.
Click here for a link to the APsaA site
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Empirical Studies in Psychoanalysis
A Link to the APSA Web Site
Empirical Studies in Psychoanalysis
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Division 39/APA Press Book Prize
Division 39 and APA Press are delighted to announce the second annual prize for
a first book by a psychoanalytic author. The winner receives a $1000 cash prize, a certificate of recogntion, and guarantee of publication by the APA press.
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Order Recordings of the 2008 NYC Spring Meeting Conference
Recordings, CDs and MP3s, of the 2008 NYC Spring Meeting are available for purchase via the Resorceful Recordings web site.

Click Here to Order Recordings of the 2008 NYC Spring Meeting Conference
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PsycScans Now Online
PsycSCAN: Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalytic Abstracts is now available
electronically (and only electronically) through PsychSCANS--APA's
electronic database resource.

To access PsycScans/Psychoanalysis,log into the web site and follow the links under Your Subscriptions on the home page. For more detailed instructions, turn to the Publications Committee area of this web site, where you will find a pdf document.

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Division 39/APsaA Collaboration
"The Enduring Significance of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice," a powerpoint presentation created by Greg Lowder, in collaboration with Nancy McWilliams, James Hansell, and the Board of Directors of Division 39.

Division 39 offers a teaching resource that covers empirical research
substantiating psychoanalytic theories and treatments.

Download a PDF Version of the Power Point Presentation

Click here to connect to APsaA Web Site

APsaA Fellowship Web Site
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Outreach Project Highlight: SOFAR Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists
DIVISION 39 SOFAR Project Highlighted in APA Monitor
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Task Force on Basic Human Rights
The Task Force on Basic Human Rights was appointed just prior to the 2006 Spring Conference by David Ramirez, President of the Division. It has the
following members: Neil Altman, chair; Marilyn Jacobs, Frank Summers, Laurel Bass Wagner, Nancy McWilliams (ex-officio), and Jaine Darwin.

Important Documents Related to the Task Force
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Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual Reviewed in The New York Times
See the Link in the New Events Box on this Home Page

A number of Division 39 members - Sidney Blatt, Jaine Darwin, Abby Herzig, Marvin Hurvich, Bertram Karon, Nancy McWilliams, Herbert Schlesinger, Jonathan Shedler, Howard Shevrin, George Stricker, Joel Weinberger, Drew Westen and others - have contributed to the development of a new diagnostic manual intended to compensate for many of the limitations of the DSM. Edited by Stanley Greenspan and sponsored by Division 39, the American Psychoanalytic Association, the International Psychoanalytical Association, the National Membership Committee on Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, and the American Academy of Psychoanalysis, the manual will be available sometime this spring. Royalties will go into a fund to support psychoanalytic research. There follows an article on the project that appeared recently in the New York Times:
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New Outreach Companion Web Site
Division of Psychoanalysis Outreach Companion Web Site

The Division is pleased to establish a companion website at that  will highlight the outreach activities of our members.  The new site will be linked to the exisiting Division website at
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Newsletter Information
The Psychologist-Psychoanalyst is an official publication of the Division of Psychoanalysis. It is published four times a year and contains general articles of interest to the membership as well as reports from officers, committees, sections and local chapters of the Division.
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